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The scuba dive that crushed my spine

It had been well-planned – a deep dive for four seasoned skin diving instructors. however halfway through the session, 2 compressed gas tanks ran out, setting off a harmful chain of events.

The sky was blue over Cyprus. it absolutely was a rare break day for friends made, Paul, Emily and Andy and that they set to require advantage of the crystal blue water and seek for nudibranchs, a kind of gastropod.

They launched a ship from the shore, anchored it and dived into the ocean one-by-one, victimisation their fins to propel themselves down into the deeper, darker, water.

They carried on to depth of 40m – 10m deeper than the instructors would take their shoppers.

They were young and wished to “push the limits”, made Osborn, then 21, admits. however they were seasoned and well-practised at this level.

As they began to explore their surroundings, 2 of the cluster unexpectedly signalled to the others that their tanks had dry out.

Osborn felt “absolute surprise” at this flip of event. however they were trained for such eventualities. There was no ought to panic.

The different used hand signals and underwater slates and pencils to put in writing notes and organized to share the remaining 2 tanks of air “breath for breath” as they ascended to the surface.

The quartet began to rise slowly, but at 30m, cold dread sweptwing through them.

They had all run out of air.

“We were frantically making an attempt to sign to at least one another, scribbling down notes, thoughts and plans. From there you get a bit bit panic-stricken – a mixture of concern and therefore the unknown.”

The cluster had a choice to create – drown, or rocket to the surface and risk illness.

“We took one last breath,” says Osborn.

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