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Hard Drive vs. SSD A Quick Overview


 If you’re using a pc or a laptop chances are you use one of these drives in your system. It’s one of the most important parts of your PC as it stores all your data and stores the OS operating system which runs your PC.

Now you might be asking. What is the difference between these two?

Well the short answer is

Speed & Storage

Let’s begin with Hard Drives:

Hard Drive or HDD also known as a mechanical drive has been around for a lot of years. IBM was the first company who thought for the need of hard drives and created the first hard drive in 1957 since then hard drives have come a long way they started as a 24” inch size and now are at 3.5” for pc and 2.5” for laptops.

Hard Drive started with only a few MB’s (megabytes) of storage now a days you can buy hard drive as big as 14TB of storage.

That is insane right!

Hard Drives have a moving disk inside the enclosure which spins very fast and the pins read the data of it as commanded by the computer the hard drive is controlled by a controller board built inside the hard drive. A downside of hard drives is that they can be damaged if dropped or receive a shock.

Which is not the case with SSD’s as they have no moving parts inside.

They also improved a lot on storage and speed but the latter is a lot faster than old hard drives they are not fast enough for today’s fast PC’s.

So Now what


SSD was first created in 1991 by SanDisk but invented back in 1978. The first laptop that used it was an IBM ThinkPad Laptop which was only 20MB. The main purpose of a SSD is speed while the storage is less than a hard drive it is a lot faster. They have about the same form factor as a laptop hard drive.

While SSD’s are a lot faster they are expensive you can find a high capacity SSD its going to be very very expensive. The lower memory option are somewhat affordable but by comparison you great a 1TB hard drive for the price of a 128GB SSD.

WOW right

Yes they are expensive but the speed gains are insane people mostly opt SSD’s for OS installation and hard drive for data storage which improves on the speed side of things as the SSD handles the OS and the hard drive handles the large amount of data. You will mostly find SSD’s in expensive laptops and gaming laptops but there is mostly an option in most laptops that you can chose a hard drive or a SSD

Go for the SSD!

Both Hard Drives and SSD can be found in external enclosure as known as external drives they are also similarly price cheap hard drives and expensive SSD’s.

If you have an older PC or laptop the best upgrade you can give it is a SSD. Period. If you have room just add it as an OS drive the difference will be night and day. If you are buying a new laptop or PC always buy one with a SSD. Even if you buy a high-end machine it won’t feel as fast as would with a SSD.

Thank me later!

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