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Your baby will know pretty soon the lay of living room or any other room. He estimated that if he makes a right at Daddy’s favorite chair, bears left at tea table and head straight, he can pass gate in the doorway and after that he can arrive at his spot and get his basket full of toys.

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Baby has to decide whether to proceed or not when baby encounters slope in the room or downward steps. The hurdles in the room are a challenge for your baby and he decides to manage and makes a way out of it. If he has only a few weeks, worth of crawling, he can get a nasty tumble. More experienced babies know where to stop and when to move or slow down. A crawling can get navigation skills certainly and that skill can make them experienced.


In your little baby, angry beast has been released after doing different trials. Tempting objects are spread before him but there are annoying restrictions like “Do not go there, no” “Do not do that”. This will make your baby frustrated and he will become angry bird. His anger will become more intense than before. Also, on the other hand, his feelings of happiness will also intensify as he becomes more independent. That is the cause of excitement for your baby to reach at his special toy car or some other beloved thing or person on his own. The crawling is a wonderful experience for the baby.


It is complex to get goals that involves just one separate action such that reaching for glass while crawling. It requires a series of movements of your baby and also it takes time. In object search game, a crawler performs a good performance. Keeping an eye on the prize can create a hunger in him and he do it more effectively. But crawling is not a good way to travel also.


Your baby is now keenly aware of different things in his environment. As he crawls, the world is sweeping past by him. When he did not crawl, he did not have to pay any attention towards surroundings. But now he is trying to do things by himself as he is feeling himself independent, there are many things around in his focus. He is becoming more aware how to do things next time.

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