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Randal Benjamin – How Can You Motivate Yourself Before a Basketball Game

Basketball is a game where every player in the team is involved. The player should be both physically and mentally prepared to play for a tournament. Every player is different, and there is no right way for the player to compete in the game.

Randal Benjamin – how to prepare yourself mentally for your basketball game

Randal Benjamin is an athlete who is fond of basketball and football in Las Vegas in Nevada. He says that before any basketball game, you should prepare yourself mentally. Basketball coaches say that players are different and there is no correct way for you to prepare for a game mentally. However, common strategies apply to all, and so you may embrace them before you set out to play a match. The following are some helpful tips to help you play a game of basketball like a professional-

Mental tips for a great game of basketball

The following are some easy general tips to help you play a great game of basketball:

  • Relax both your mind and body – When your mind is relaxed, you will notice that your body becomes less tensed. Meditation helps you to unclutter your mind and get rid of stressful and negative thoughts. Before playing a game, find a quiet place and sit there for some time. Focus on your breathing and practice deep breaths 20 times. When negative thoughts of failure and insecurity enter your mind, allow them to pass through like clouds.
  • Combat thoughts of failing at the game – If you are too scared and fear of failing, anxiety will dominate your thoughts and hamper your performance on the field. Do not allow negative thoughts to affect your performance. When you focus on potential failures as a player, your mind will divert towards it. Acknowledge the fact that everyone is not perfect. Even professional players have their share of fear however they do not allow these fears to dominate their playing skills and ability.
  • Get inside your happy place – Your happy place is that mental zone in your mind that makes you feel content. It is simple for you to get inside your sweet zone- you need to unclutter your mind of negative thoughts and focus on the tasks you have on hand. Time management also helps you to alleviate tensions. If you wish to become a good player and perform well in the game, you should devote hours to practice hard.

Randal Benjamin says that every basketball player wishes to perform well before a game. You should keep negative thought patterns aside and focus on your strengths that will help you play the game well.  Rest and sleep are beneficial for your mental health. Ensure you get at least 8 to 10 hours of sleep every day. Eat a healthy diet and do not test new food before a match. You might land up with an upset stomach. Practice well with your coach and keep yourself positive with daily exercise and happy thoughts to perform well in every basketball game you play!